A Guide to Oil Rig Jobs

Do you want a better job? Getting a job on oil and gas rigs is not like getting a job in any other industry! The Gas and Oil industy is a massive employer and wages are very high .
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There are a variety of jobs available on oil rigs, such as Welder,  Company Man, Control Room Operator and Instrument Technician. Offshore Installation Manager, Steward, Rig Medic,  Storekeeper andStoreperson,and many more.

When you work on oil rigs nearly of the jobs are very physically demanding and require a lot more hours per week than any average job. Living on site is usually a strict requirement of oil-rig workers and it's therefore not a cozy 9-5 job and then driving home after work.

There are many sacrifices associated with a career in the oil and gas industry, but if you can stay long enough and learn a sufficient number of specialized skills, the chances of increasing your yearly income can be quite high.


As in most careers starting at the bottom and working your way up is the usual way in the industry.Even at entry level ,workers are paid very good salaries usually higher than most other industries.This is because of the patience and endurance required working on an oil/gas rig

Generally speaking, there can never be a shortage of jobs in the oil and gas industry, because there is a cyclical boom in the establishment of oil wells around the country, especially in areas like Texas. In the event that regular oil rig jobs dry up, there is always a chance that a particularly lucrative position will open up on offshore oil-rigs that mine natural gas and oils from deep beneath the sea.

We are talking not only of the local US demand for oil, but also for the ever-growing global demand for crude oil and refined gases. The world runs on oil, as many of you already know. One day the world will run out of oil but until we reach that peek there will always be a demand and the oil industry will never experience a lean year.

When looking for work in the oil industry remember this:

1. Always go online to look for work Semi skilled and skilled workers are always in demand by large companies on the internet .Advertising jobs on the internet is efficient and cheap compared to other methods because they can be advertised all year,24hrs a day ,7days week. With the right skills in place the workers in global oil-rig jobs can really bring in the big bucks,especially offshore rigs.

2. You can still get jobs on the oil rigs even if you don't have the specialized skills ,so don't worry there is something for virtually everyone However, it should be noted that people with no skills at all will have to duke it out from the bottom rung of the career ladder. Again, if you stay long enough, you just might be able to become a driller yourself. But, until that time, you have to be strong and patient, and you have to do your current job to the best of your ability, even if that means staying in a hot kitchen every day preparing meals for the roughnecks and drillers outside.

3. If you do have a specialized skill, make sure that you apply for a position with the highest possible salary. In order to keep your position you will have to perform to your best ability immediately New position are advertised on a weekly basis by most oil- rig companies This is usually due to people moving on ,or expansion ,new oil rigs within the company.